Kute Kitchen: The Making Of

About a year ago the husband and I spotted an old TV cabinet along the side of the road. I talked him into keeping it and since it was only a few houses down from us, we pushed it home. We stored it for six months and even moved it from our rental to our first home. What did I have in mind for the hunk of junk, you ask?

A play kitchen!

We started with this


We removed the all the doors, then sawed a hole in the wood where the TV would have sat. The whole piece was sanded, and then coated in paint primer. We used Kills.


We wanted to turn the left side of the cabinet into a refrigerator, but the piece did not have doors on that side. So, we bought an inexpensive piece of lumber and cut it to size. It also was primed.

-Once the primer was dry, we painted the whole piece in a fantastic color.

-We placed a metal bowl in the sawed out circle, attached knobs for the stove, and added a faucet. (We managed to score the bowl and faucet from a thrift store and we got the knobs for free from an appliance repair shop.)

-We then scewed in the doors. For the oven, we screwed the door in upside down.

-We painted the door and the stove.

-Under the sink, we chose to have no door. Instead, we sewed curtains and attached them on a wire.

Phew! Even though it took us a year to finally make the kitchen, the project only took about two weeks to finish. Not bad for a custom kitchen! My next blog post will have the completed project, so come on back, ya’ll!