Record Deal

So a few days ago I picked up some old albums at the thrift store. They were only $.50 a piece! My goal was to make them into picture frames. Here is how I did that.

First, I gathered my supplies – the album, a photo, a pen, an exacto knife, scissors, and a glue gun.


Not too long into the project, I realized I would also need a photo mat to trace.


Next, I placed my photo at different spots on the case until I decided where I wanted my photo opening.


Once I decided the spot, I used the photo mat to trace the opening.



Then I used my exacto knife to cut along the traced lines. (Careful not to push too hard and cut through the second layer of cardboard.)



Next, I used the glue gun to create a bottom edge for a photo to rest upon. (Careful not to glue too close to the edge. You want there to be around a half an inch gap.)


Now, my record slipped out of the side of the album – not ideal for a picture frame. So I cut open the top of the album, so the picture could be dropped in. Then I glued the side shut, so pictures wouldn’t fall out.



Finally, I took the little flap of cardboard I cut out already, and glued it to the back of the album to create a stand.

And that is it! The whole project cost me fifty cents and a bit of glue. Plus it only took me ten minutes to whip together. A great project to try at home! Check back tomorrow, when I post the completed project!


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