The Siren’s Song

I love costumes. I love dress up. And I love Halloween. Perhaps you were not aware, but July is officially the month we start counting down to Halloween in my home. We start discussing various themes for costumes (we all dress up) and I start planning out what I need to make. This year, I am also going to make a few costumes strictly for this blog!

The costume I made for today’s post is for an infant. I would probably size it NB-3 months (it’s fairly stretchy material). So, though it could be a great costume for Halloween, it would also make for a memorable infant photo shoot!

Okay, let’s get started….

I rarely use patterns when I make costumes. For one, patterns are expensive. For two, I prefer the creativity of my own brain. So, I have no pattern for this mermaid outfit, but it is just a few folds & snips. I started with a rectangle of green fabric. The fabric I used had quite a bit of stretch to it, which was nice since it eliminated the need for elastic. (I made a similar mermaid tail for my husband’s King Triton costume last Halloween. I used the same fabric and did not add an elastic waistband. It stayed up comfortably all weekend long.) I also used a bit of shiny, nylon fabric with a reptilian pattern on it for the fin.

First, I laid out my fabric with the ends meeting, like so.


Then, I snipped off a triangle off of the right side off my fabric. (Babies are very helpful for this part lol)


I laid the triangle over on the left side & used it as a pattern to help me snip off the left triangle.


Then I stretched the piece fully out.


Oops! I moved the baby, then I stretched the fabric out.


Next, I snipped off the side rectangles, like so….


Finally, I laid out my shimmery nylon fabric & placed my skirt base on top of it.


Then I cut the nylon fabric to fit into the holes I had just cut out of my rectangle. I also cut out embellishments for the top of the mermaid skirt.


I finished by sewing the nylon “fin” onto to the “tail” and sewing on the embellishments at the top of the tail.

In my next post, I’ll show the completed project. So come on back y’all!


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