The Sweet Life

I whipped up this gum ball machine early this morning as a last minute birthday gift. (So it’s not for sale on my Etsy site.)

I started with a flower pot, it’s corresponding dish, a fish bowl and a wooden knob. 



I used a colored flower pot, but you could also you a terracotta one and just spray paint it yourself. I used hot glue for this project, but it’s not the ideal glue. I would suggest Gorilla Glue. I began by turning the flower pot upside down and gluing the fish bowl onto the bottom. 



Next, I turned the dish upside down and glued the wooden knob onto it.




I had to rush off to a birthday party, so I had no time to snap a good picture, but here is the completed project. 



So easy & so fun! Definitely something to try for yourself. Happy Hunting!


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