I feel like I need melodramatic music for this post. Something tragic. Preferably Opera. If I were more tech savvy, I would attach some great widget that would play music for this post, but, alas, I am not. Also, I definitely do not know what a widget is. 

Oh well. Here is the story of the sad day that I broke the cardinal rule of re-purposing. 

It started off with a fabulous haul at the local Salvation Army


While there, I snatched up a great pair of lamps. 


Sure, the shades were just awful and the brass was so, well….brassy, but they had so much potential. In my mind’s eye, I was seeing a fabulous pair of shabby chic lamps for a little girl’s room. So I brought them home. 

I decided to try something I had never done before – apply a crackle finish using glue. It was a fabulous idea, really, full of potential. Unfortunately, I broke the rules. One rule in particular. The number one rule of repurposing. Test First. 

Test First!


I began by painting the brass base of the lamp with pink paint. Then I taped off the light bulb and the cord. 


Then I applied everyday craft glue to the lamp using a foam brush.



Now here is where it all fell apart. In order for the paint to create the correct crackle finish, I needed to wait till the glue was “tacky” before spray painting. “Tacky”, however, is variable. Who is to say my tacky is your tacky? (I feel a People of Walmart joke should be here somewhere.) Now, if I had tested this out on some cardboard before applying it to my wonderful lamp, then I would know exactly how tacky my glue needed to be. Alas, I did not. Instead, I pulled out my spray paint….


….and went to town before my glue had achieved the proper tackiness. 

This is what the poor thing looked like. 



Not a crack to be seen!

My dear readers, learn from me. Always, always test first.