Mellow Yellow

I first conceived of this blog last fall, and the very first thing I found was a sweater. I saw it in the store and loved it.


See it there, hiding behind the blouse? With the beige and white pattern? Right there?


Ah, that’s better! What I loved about it was it’s simplicity. It was also in great condition! So I snapped it up and brought it home. I considered adding an applique or even a ribbon neckline. Ultimately, I decided to stay simple and just add a pop of color and fun in the form of ……. BUTTONS! I bought these small yellow ones and sewed them on.



It took me almost no time to spruce up this sweater. Replacing buttons is such a simple way to add color and fun to an otherwise boring item of clothing. My next post will have the completed project, so come on back y’all!


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