Vase Half Full: The Making Of

A few months ago, I was thrifting with an out-of-town friend when I spotted this


Yes, that vase. Right there. Yup, the big, ugly one. Sure it’s the color of warm pee, but there was something about it that spoke to me. One, the size. I love over-sized vases – nothing completes a room like a large flower arrangement, and nothing looks more blah than a skinny little vase (unless, of course, you cluster them. But that’s another post for another day). Two, I love the detail. There is something so whimsical and fun about the swirls and bubbles. It’s like it’s mimicking the water inside.

So I bought it


After a good washing (nope, the pee color did not wash off), I put down a layer of newspaper and got out a great pink colored spray paint.


Here is the spray paint I used.


I did two coats and it turned out perfectly. My next post will have the completed project, so come on back, y’all!


4 thoughts on “Vase Half Full: The Making Of

  1. Goodness what a spectacular find! It even seems out of place on the shelf! I like the pee color BUT super excited to see the reveal!

  2. i like how you referred to it as looking like the color of “warm pee”…as opposed to the vastly different color of cold pee! haha

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